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Most Generic Dental Website Pages

High-Conversion Landing Pages

What are high-conversion dental landing pages or funnel pages?

These pages are designed to encourage more phone calls and appointment requests than standard clinical dental website pages. The high-conversion website layout is designed based information and data we gathered over 10 years on how visitors scroll and take action.

Why are landing pages important?

A well-designed high-conversion landing page supports conversion, the most important phase of the patient acquisition process. Visitors generally engage with webpages that have information presented in multiple ways, such as photos, illustrations, pictures, and videos to watch — not just text to read. We can safely say, most people do not like to read lengthy content. They prefer to watch a video and just “skim through” written content. This is why a well-structured website page design with relevant images and videos is critical for engaging your prospective patients.

How do landing pages save you money and get you more patients?

You probably spend substantial amount from your marketing budget on SEO and/or Google Ads so patients can find your website when searching for dental services. Getting prospective patients to land on your website is just half the battle. If they do not like what they see or the website does not load quickly on their specific device, they move on to the next result. The moment they click away from your page uninterested, you lose the money you paid to get them there. This can be an especially significant loss when you are running Google Ads. High-conversion landing pages increase the engagement with your content and make it easy for prospective patients to reach out to your practice, either for more information or to schedule an appointment. As a result, more visitor are “converted” to patients that translates to greater marketing ROI (return on investment) and reduced patient acquisition cost.

What Makes a Webpage a Landing Page?

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Dental Implants

Example 2:
Invisible Braces

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Example 4:
Root Canals

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